The rainbow of diamonds

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The rainbow of diamonds

Have you ever wondered how many colors the gorgeous crystals of diamonds could have?

We usually consider the king of the gems like ‘pure’ and perfect only when it is totally colorless, but Nature it’s able to produce hues with saturations so different from each other: when it’s so that diamonds are called fancy color ones or fancy diamonds.

Photo credits: one-dollar-shopping.com

The commonest color in which natural diamonds are found it’s yellow (and not colorless as you might think), whose could vary from very light to intense, sometimes defined as Canary: among the most famous stone we have Tiffany Yellow Diamond, a gem that weight over 128 carats, wore for the first time by Audrey Hepburn in 1961 for the promotion of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and later by Lady Gaga at Oscars.

Photo credits: www.lifestyleasia.com

As well as yellow we have other peculiar colors like brown, orangey-brown and orange – Champagne is its trade name – and pink with all its saturations, until it reaches extremely rare hues like purple and red.

All these nuances come largely from Argyle Australian mine, and it becomes famous during the time that’s why for strange and peculiar colors of diamonds extracted.

Pink Legacy is the name of this pink diamond of 18.95 carats, beaten at the Geneva auction by Christie’s in November 2018 for over 50 million Swiss francs per carat.
Source: www.christies.com
Photo credits: instoremag.com

But Nature’s fantasy did not stop here: other fancy colors are blue, grey, green and the more common black, caused by dense graphite inclusions in the crystal lattice.

Lately, lots of different brands decided to set not only colorless diamonds but also fancy ones, creating unique and out of ordinary jewels, not for everyone affordable!

Written by Giulia Lombardo